Vapor III Aluminum - Screw Gate Carabiner - Black

SKU: FP-8122-3-SGK-BLK

Introducing the VAPOR III Screw Gate Carabiner: designed for easy rope clipping with its asymmetrical shape and durable concave gate. Built from hot-forged aluminum alloy for safety without weight, it's non-locking and CE EN12275 certified for reliability.

  • Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel and is therefore far more popular in the outdoor and climbing industries where weight is a major factor.
  • Locking gates come with a separate mechanism or sleeve that ensures the carabiner does not accidentally open.
  • Screw Locking gate is the most common. A sleeve must manually be loosened to unlock or tightened.
  • Keynose carabiner does not have a notch to snag onto anything. Making clipping/unclipping simple.
  • Modified “D” shape. This shape helps to push the load to the back of the “spine”. Allows weight to be carried primarily by the spine and less by the gate—making for a stronger and lighter use.


Vapor III Screw Gate Carabiner Details:

  • Major axis strength: 26 KN
  • Minor axis strength: 8 KN
  • Open gate strength: 9 KN
  • Size: Gate opening 1"
  • Weight: 0.15 LB / 2.4 OZ
  • Meets and exceeds Standard: CE EN 12275
  • Fusion Warning Book
  • Certificates