Fusion recommends its users to take precautions and follow guidelines established by State or Fed OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) when it comes to fall protection equipment such as activities in situations involving off the ground work or leisure’s.   


This is the Safety guideline for expectations of equipment manufactured by Fusion Harness. Numerous factors can extend or shorten a Service life of harness or lanyard.


Harness and Lanyard products carries a 10 Year shelf life and 5 Year Service from the first day of use. Service Life expectancy is a general guideline and not intended to be used as an absolute. This includes but not limited to:

  1. A) Required First day of use visual inspection
  2. B) Annual Third-Party Inspection from a “Competent person”, trained and certified in accordance to guidelines established by ANSI and OSHA for Fall protection related operations.


This Competent person ensures serviceable conditions and proper operation. It is recommended you document the “the date of first use, inspection time, and the safety of the equipment for continued use. Warning label on harness and lanyards should have inspection and warning tags present for the life of the product.



1) Exposure to chemicals, excessive heat, or ultraviolet light or wet and moisture rich environment could result in shortening of service life of the product.


2) Equipment can have a short or longer service life depending on its care, use, and storage. Always know the history of use and exposures of your equipment.


3) When in doubt, Retire. Fusion recommends as a general guideline; documentation is crucial with fall protection gears. Following inspections & instructions may still may require removing the harness or lanyard from service prior to the expiration of the life expectancy guideline.


4) Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the operator and or end-user to determine when a harness or lanyard is unfit for use and should be removed from service.


5) Fusion Harness does not recommend or endorse continuing use of product beyond established service life or shelf life recommendations.


If a harness has been involved in a severe fall, but is not obviously damaged. It must be retired immediately. If you have any doubts about the safety and dependability of your harness or lanyard, retire it and replace it with a new one.


Products removed from service should be disposed properly to prevent further use. All Fusion product is accompanied by specific instructions for use. Please refer to user warning instructions for more details for use and maintenance of Fusion gears. If lost or not included, these documents can be found on our website or sent upon request. www.Fusionclimb.com