Modular Battle Belt - Type D Combo

SKU: BB-D-2101-0643

The Fusion Trident Utility Belt with D-Ring is expertly designed for unmatched versatility and durability. This professional-grade belt allows for customizable positioning and capacity adjustments for your ammunition and gear, making it an essential tool for any mission. With its innovative ghost MOLLE/PALS flap technology, this belt can be easily deployed and tailored to your specific needs within seconds. Additionally, the sturdy stitching and strong nylon bonded T-131 thread used in the MOLLE/PALS design enhance its capacity and durability. This belt also works seamlessly with the Fusion EPIC Pad for added lumbar support when carrying heavier loads, making it even more reliable in any situation. The quick-release aluminum Raptor buckle, with a whopping 4,000 lb IDP bearing capacity, allows for effortless donning and doffing in seconds. Available in 4 sizes to ensure a perfect fit for any user.

  • BB-D

Handmade especially for you!  Made in the USA! This product is a custom-made product and does not qualify for returns or refunds. Please contact our representative before placing an order. Please allow for 2-3 weeks for manufacturing.