Steel Snap Shackle

High strength shackle connector rated to 18kN. The unique design of the clasp allows the mechanism to be opened even when weighted making it an ideal choice as a personal connector on board sail boats and helicopters
  • Material Stainless steel 304: Lasting corrosion resistance
  • Black phosphate coating – for extended corrosion resistance Phosphate offers a greatly enhanced bonding on ferrous alloy in addition to being an underlying base coat for added corrosion protection
  • Swaged pin: This ensures that the pin does not accidentally open the shackle gate even if the rings are damaged.
  • Wielded Ring, this prevents rotation of the ring which is another added safety for this amazing shackle.
  • Major axis strength: 18 KN
  • Size:  Inner Diameter 0.5" 
  • Meets and exceed Standard : MIL-STD 
  • Fusion warning book