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Helo Personal Retention Lanyard with Snap Shackle & Hitched Loop

SKU: LH-32-HL-2999-CB24

This Helo Retention Lanyard is specifically designed for use in helicopter rescue operations. It features a Plunger Pin Clasp Shackle and a Hitched Loop, and comes in lengths of 2', 3', and 4'. Its 1" wide Internal Elastic Bungee reduces the fully extended length by approximately 30%, making it suitable for retention purposes in various industries. The lanyard is constructed with MIL-SPEC-rated tubular webbing, which can withstand up to 5,000 lbs., and uses industrial-grade nylon bonded T-131 threading.

  • 1" wide inner elastic bungee webbing
  • One Plunge Pin Clasp Shackle
  • The shackle can be velcroed on the lanyard when not in use to prevent accidental opening. 
  • One Hitched Loop
  • MBS: 23KN
  • Length: 24", 36", 48", 72" / Constructed of 1" wide nylon webbing
  • Meets and exceeds Standard: EN 17109:2018, EN 358:1999
  • Fusion warning book