Fusion K9 Dog Leash With Loop And Shackle

SKU: LD-12-HL-2995-CYB24

The Fusion K9 Dog Leash With Loop And Shackle is an invaluable training tool for all K9 handlers. Made from durable 5000 lbs rated flat webbing, it comes in standard lengths of 2, 4, and 6 ft. Not only is it equipped with a rubberized, easy-grip handle, but it also features a 4000 lbs rated, steel quick-release plunger pin hasp shackle at the end. This allows for hands-free usage by attaching the lanyard to a training or tactical belt (girth hitched to a belt loop), and the quick-release shackle makes releasing your canine a breeze.

  • Quick-Release Shackle

Handmade especially for you!  Made in the USA! This product is a custom-made product and does not qualify for returns or refunds. Please contact our representative before placing an order. Please allow for 2-3 weeks for manufacturing.