SKU: MBC-BB-B-8111-6681


Battle Belt Combo - Fusion's Epic Battle Belt features three components: Trouser Belt, Modular Belt and MOLLE/PALS Belt. The Trouser Belt is a light duty liner belt of single layer 5,000 lb rated webbing, equipped with a loop on the outer layer for quick attachment to the Fusion Epic MOLLE/PALS Belt or the Modular EVA Mesh 5 belt system. The Modular Belt is made with 5" wide EVA memory foam for lumbar support, helping to spread out the belt load. The inside of the belt is equipped with mesh lining for moisture control. The MOLLE/PALS Belt is made from 5,000 lb rated UV / resin treated MIL-SPEC Type 13 webbing with D-Ring. The inner belt lining includes  hooks that can be used to adapt to your trouser belt with minimum amount to movement, making it a single unit design. Equipped with the US-Made Raptor quick-release aluminum buckles for fast donning and doffing, the rigid wall construction is reinforced with 3 layers of webbing, and a load bearing escape/utility loop when needed, make this the best loadbearing Duty Belt on the market. Available in 4 sizes.