Centaur Half Body Harness - Black/Grey

SKU: TCH-107-2139-3-ES-BLK

CENTAUR Half Body Harness is black and grey, and it is a lightweight harness with a reinforced belay loop and three-point adjustment. Fast-pass steel adjustable buckles are used on the waist and legs. Adjustment on the outer body allows the trainer to adjust the wearer. Ideal harness for indoor climbing gyms, ropes courses, and outdoor guides due to its three buckles for easy adjustment by the instructor, reinforced tie-in point for extra durability, and elastic seat strap to keep the leg loops from slipping. Adjustable elastic rear risers. Made from 5,000 lb. test webbing and weighs under 3 lbs.

  • Fast-pass steel adjustable buckles on waist/leg
  • Front belay anchor point
  • Elastic Legs Straps
  • 5,000 lb. Rated MIL-SPEC webbing


Centaur Half Body Harness Details:

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