Ovatti Auto Lock Carabiner - Black


The Ovatti Auto Lock Carabiner is a sturdy and adaptable tool, featuring an oval shape that reduces the likelihood of cross-loading. Made with an alloy steel body, its auto-locking gate ensures that it won't come undone due to vibrations. The oval design also helps distribute weight evenly, maintaining its full-rated strength no matter what rope or web is attached. Designed for climbing purposes, this carabiner can be easily handled and clipped with any pulley. Available in black and gold, it meets the high standards of ANSI Z 359.1 and CSA.

  • Steel is used more commonly in the industrial industries due to its strength and durability.
  • Locking Gate come with a separate mechanism or sleeve that ensures the carabiner does not accidentally open.
  • Auto-locking carabiner uses an internal spring mechanism to not only close the carabiner but also lock the carabiner as soon as the gate is released.
  • Pin Nose Gate is a notch in the nose of the carabiner to maintain the structure and strength. This nose type is typically stronger.
  • Oval Shape this symmetrical shape keeps the load from shifting, creating more stability.
  • SKU: FP-9108-1S-AP-BKBK


  • Major axis strength: 27 KN
  • Minor axis strength: 9 KN
  • Open gate strength: 9 KN
  • Size: Gate opening 0.7"
  • Meets and exceed Standard: EN 12275
  • Fusion warning book