Ovatti Screw Gate Carabiner

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  • Steel is used more commonly in the industrial industries due to its strength and durability.
  • Locking Gate come with a separate mechanism or sleeve that ensures the carabiner does not accidentally open.
  • Screw Locking gate is the most common. A sleeve must manually be loosened to unlock or tightened.
  • Pin Nose Gate is a notch in the nose of the carabiner to maintain the structure and strength. This nose type is typically stronger.
  • Oval Shape this symmetrical shape keeps the load from shifting, creating more stability.
  • Major axis strength: 31KN
  • Minor axis strength: 13 KN
  • Open gate strength: 15.2 KN
  • Size: Gate opening 0.67"
  • Meets and exceed Standard : EN 12275
  • Fusion warning book