Fusion Fast Rope


The Fusion Fast Rope is a must-have for any expert in the field. Made with the highest quality materials, this fast rope offers unbeatable durability and exceptional strength, allowing for quick and safe descent in any situation. With its superior design and construction, you can trust the Fusion Fast Rope for all your rappelling needs.

  • Staple nylon 6 melt spun olive drab.
  • 4 pairs of strands formed into 8 strand plait
  • 40mm (nominal) (1 5/8" (nominal)
  • 7,600 kgs (16,720 lbs)
  • 5,100 kgs (11,200 lbs)
  • 11,000 kgs (24,200 lbs)
  • 94kg / 100m (63 lbs/ 100ft) measured at zero tension

Fast Rope Data Sheet