BIG FOOT - Pulley system
BIG FOOT - Pulley system
BIG FOOT - Pulley system
BIG FOOT - Pulley system
BIG FOOT - Pulley system
BIG FOOT - Pulley system

BIG FOOT - Pulley system

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Fusion Tactical Heavy Duty Field Pulley System with the Big Foot rigging plate can be used for almost anything. Limited search and rescue, great for moving heavy equipment in austere conditions and great for hoisting.


Item Description:

- Easy to install and easy to use

- Great for moving heavy equipment without power

- Limited search and rescue

- Good for hoisting

- Made in the USA


Item Details:


- 2x Large forged aluminum alloy rigging plates (Big Foot)

- Durable, Lightweight, Strong, Shock-Absorbing

- MBS: 40KN

- Hole Sizes: 0.9"-2"

- Meets EN 362 standards



- 4x Strux Pulley in Powder Coated Matte Black Finish

- 2" aluminum, 0.64" trough size, fixed aluminum side swing plates with smooth rounded edges, designed with a large hole for multiple carabiner attachment

- MBS: 34 KN, WLL: 2KN

- Rope size: < 14mm

- Dimensions: 4.75" x 3.25" x 1.25"



- 6x Aluminum, Pear Shaped, Light-weight carabiners

- Mbs at 28kN with the generous gate opening at 1-1/16 inch

- Screw-locking secures safety and prevents the gate from unlocking from vibrations while working

- Features tactical low key matte Black finish, light weight at 3.4 oz, and wider application of pear shape

- Meets EN 12275 standards



- 1x Aluminum, Pear Shaped, Light-weight carabiner

- Screw Gate

- H: 4.84" x L: 2.80" x W: 0.76" Weight: 0.22

- Perfect for all hoisting and tactical uses

- Rated at 28kN

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